Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Testinģ, Testing.

I  am just trying out the Blogger app on my tablet. I  haven't had much success before but I thought it was worth a go as I  do miss blogging and our laptop is so slow that I  rarely bother turning it on.

So I am just going to add a random photo to see if it works. The photo is a book that I am using at the moment.

And now trying to add another photo. 

And failing.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

World Book Day Cometh - BFG Ears if you want them

This Thursday is World Book Day. A day that is greeted by groans throughout the country. If you don't know it, then let me tell you about it.  Parents panic buy, or use what they can, or make a costume for their poor child. This costume is based on a character from a book (but somehow characters from films , albeit books, crop up often). It is not a competition. But it is! And it really is, as many classrooms and schools have prizes for the best costume.  God bless the poor child who's parents forgot and goes in school uniform.

So, this last year of my daughter's primary school, the school gave a list of books to choose from (but of course you can choose any book, they said). So my tall daughter is going as the BFG, as that is her nickname at school.

Panic buy rubber ears and a bald cap. Cut up a black t shirt into a vaguely waist coat shape and bleach it so it is brown. Beg, borrow, not steal, my sister's green trousers. Use an old white school shirt. Find a tiny doll and make her some glasses so she is Sophie.

Have you ever bought those plasticky rubbery false ears? They have a hole that you are supposed to be able to manipulate your ear into and hope they stay on.  Nope and nope.  And anyway they are too small.

I have sewn a couple of bits of string onto each ear in the hope that she can tie the ears on. But they are still too small.

So I have copied and changed some BFG ears and am glueing them onto the rubber ears.

But I thought you might want to have the ears for your own use so here is the image. There are two ears and two ear backs. It is up to you how you stick them to the head but please no staples.

I have put mine in Word. You can fit the right and left front onto A4 landscape and they come out a nice size.  If you cannot copy the images from here then contact me with your email address and I will send you them.

Have fun and let me know if you use them.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Country Basket’s Festive Face-Off 2014 competition
I leapt at the chance to be part of The Festive Face-Off organised by Country Baskets, one of the leading craft suppliers. I like a challenge, I like craft, I like Christmas! Win, win, win.

The challenge was to use my creative talents (ho, ho, ho) to produce a bespoke Christmas-themed decoration for the home or garden using no less than 4 items from the goodies in the box provided, plus other items if I wanted.

Here are the lovely items sent to me.
Wire, Baubles, pompoms, bells, ribbons, mistletoe
The box was appreciated too.

Hmm, what to make?  I knew that I wanted something for our front door as it looked a bit bare. So maybe a garland/wreath. But I didn't want to do a traditional circle one and then I thought of a Christmas tree made using the wire as a base.

So one morning I used to wire, which is very easy to bend, into a tree shape. Basically I spiralled up, then down and then went down each side twisting into the spirals to create a sold frame. I then added the little star at the top.  This tree shape could stand by itself before I flattened it, so that is an idea as well for a freestanding tree.

Christmas Tree Frame in Wire

The wire is a nice gold colour so it didn't matter if it showed in the finished tree.

Now I love snow. Unfortunately I live in the South of England so we don't get to see it very often. Luckily one of the items in the pack was a pompom garland made of little white pompoms on invisible thread cascading from a central point. I cut them off this fixed point so I had strands of the pompoms which I then wove in and out of the wire frame so they looked like snow (hopefully).

Starting to weave the pompoms onto the frame

All the pompoms are now woven onto the frame.

I had a nice Christmas film on the tv and it was a lovely way to spend the morning. Very festive.

So here it is finished. Or is it?

I love green and white. They look lovely together. But you know, sometimes you need a pop of colour to bring the whole thing together.

On the bus home (a great place to think ) I had an idea. So back at home I coloured some more of the silver hearts using nail varnish. I used a gold and a purple plum.

They look rather luxurious. I love the plain silver (matte and shiny) and I love the fact that you can add a bit of colour too.

Finally here is the decoration complete. The star is useful as I can hang it on a nail but another way of hanging it is by threading a length of ribbon through the star and hanging the ribbon up over the top of the door and securing it on the back of the door with some tape.

A few photos closer in so you can see the detail.

I used most of the items from the box supplied. I did not use the mistletoe so my daughter can take it to school and chase after the boys. The only thing I used of my own was the nail varnish.  That was fun. I am so happy with my door decoration. It makes me happy when I come home. And I love  love love that fact that I made it myself. No-one has one like it and it was so simple to do. Thank you Country Baskets

Monday, 6 October 2014

Picks from Pinterest - Papier Mache Fruit, Vegetables and a Frog

I thought I would start a few new features on my blog.

The first one is Picks from Pinterest. The title more or less says it all but to clarify - I will find things I like, try them out and tell you about them. You can find me on Pinterest here

(I am also going to share some wonderful sellers and their gorgeous makes with you.  I cannot think of a title for this one yet!)

This is the pear I made using the Pinterest Pick

So here is my first Picks from Pinterest.

Papier Mache Fruit and Vegetables and also a Frog

This from my board Ideas for Children to Make.  Here is the pin but I couldn't find the tutorial on the web page so I have combined it with this  papier mache frog pin  and link to web page.

This craft tutorial appealed to me because at work we are doing Harvest and making some fruit and vegetables in different medium.  This is a lovely simple way of doing papier mache.  We have done papier mache before mostly round balloons but last term we used bowls.

This is great because you can make anything and are not dependent on a mould.

All you need is newspaper, masking tape, glue (the tutorial I looked at used modge podge but I used ordinary PVA glue as that is what I had) and tissue paper.
I was lucky enough to have this gorgeous tissue paper that I used for my apple but the pear I made (pic above) just used the normal coloured tissue paper.

Scrunch up newspaper (or magazine pages if that is all you have, like I had)

Cover with masking tape to hold it in the shape of the fruit of choice

Glue on the tissue paper

I rolled and twisted a piece of brown magazine paper to create a stalk. I had to put my sticky apple in an old jar to dry. I tried to stick a kebab stick up its bottom but I couldn't get in there so next time I might leave a little space between the masking tape.

The finished and dried papier mache apple.

It was very succesful and I am going to try making different shapes next. I will keep you informed.
The children's work was wonderful and they created some juicy looking pineapples, pears, plums, oranges and apples.

If you have a go then please let me know how you got on.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Showing Off - Grin, Grimace and Squeak

It is Whitby Goth Weekend 31st October to 2nd November. Just saying.

And as the first in my ' Showing Off' (working title until I come up with something better) blog articles where I find gorgeous makes for you, here is the spectacular, dark but yet sparkling, and always wonderfully skilled work of Grin, Grimace and Squeak.

Karen and Rich, from Whitby, handmade beaded masquerade masks, crowns and accessories.

Visit their etsy shop to see more of their work but here is a handful to tantalise you.

Autumn Crown by Grin, Grimace and Squeak

Gorgeous Autumn Crown. Perfect for Weddings, tripping about in the Woods or just normal day time wear if you fancy.

Black Fox Mask by Grin, Grimace and Squeak
Black Fox Mask. It is black so very gothic (now you see why I told you about the Whitby Goth weekend, huh?)

Gothic Crown in Black and Red
Gothic Crown in Black and Red. Gorgeous. Perfect for events in Northern coastal towns.  And anywhere else.

Vulture Mask by Grin, Grimace and Squeak
Vulture Mask. To show that men can wear these stunning pieces too.
I like vultures, incidentally, they are one of my favourite birds and do a lots of good in the wild where they clean up kills.

So they you are, just a few pieces to show you but do go and look in their shop as they are lots more to see and all beautiful.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sorry I Have Been Away So Long

Sorry that I have been away so long. The laptop is going backwards and forwards whilst Mr BBB writes his book. But I have it for a few days each week now so things are back to normal.

So I will be writing more posts, sharing more news with you and also telling you about great sellers out there.  Thank you for sticking with me.

Wordless Wednesday - Magic Realism as a Ship sails through the park.